Protecting Your Commissions

It is often shocking when affiliate marketing beginners discover that not only must they grapple with the problem of driving traffic to their websites, and converting that traffic into sales, but that they must also take steps to protect their affiliate commissions from online thieves. Later, when some of those marketers develop and sell their own products, such as ebooks, videos, and reports, they learn that they must also take steps to protect their products from theft.

However, in this article, I’ll focus only on the loss of affiliate commissions.

In the physical world of brick and mortar shops and stores, business owners use locks, alarms, security cameras and other systems to protect their property from criminals. On the web, the affiliate marketer must take steps to protect his or her sales commission. A couple of basic steps are outlined below. There are other more advanced methods for protecting sales and commissions, but those are beyond the scope of this article.

First, you can use URL re-direction to send traffic to your affiliate page. For example, you simply buy a domain name and use it in your advertising. When someone clicks the link to the URL, it re-directs them to your affiliate sales page. This helps to reduce affiliate commission losses. Of course, you have to set up the re-direction through your domain registration account, or in your web hosting account (for example, with Host Gator, you do it in cpanel. In fact, if you don’t already have web hosting, try to get it through a host that uses cpanel.).

Second, you can use a URL shortener. This is the easiest method for new-comers to affiliate marketing, and a basic way to safeguard against online theft. For example, you can use the TinyURL shortener – simply do a search for theirwebsite, go there, and enter your affiliate link in the shortener box. It will give you back a TinyURL link for your affiliate link. Then, you are set to advertise the link, and, hopefully, send traffic to your affiliate page.

I would suggest using the Google shortener that comes with the Chrome web browser. Open the browser, surf to your affiliate sales page, then click the shortener icon on the Chrome tool bar. It will give you the shortened URL for your page. It’s that simple!

In this article I have described two easy ways to combat affiliate commission theft. They are the methods I recommend to affiliate marketing beginners.

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