3 Tools To Automate Your SEO Efforts

When it boils down to it, a lot of SEO is pretty autonomous and mundane. We all know that we need links to get the high rankings but the thought of having to spend hours submitting to directories is enough to make me find a million and one other jobs – even going as far as calling the in-laws! You can outsource the submission process but it’s become debatable just how effective these submissions are, you could be throwing the money away.

Many webmasters are turning to automated tools to remove the tedious nature of building links. Obviously it saves time, can build lots of good links but the drawback is some of the services cost a lot of money. Here are the most popular automated SEO services that webmasters use:

3 Way Links

A true set and forget system, this service builds 300 links to your website, but you have to let it link to 300 sites from your website so it’s not recommended for your main site. However, if you are building AdSense sites, review sites, squeeze pages or ‘feeder’ sites for you main site, 3 Way Links works like a charm. It gets your site good rankings and builds the PageRank without you having to lift a finger.

It costs $47 a month and you can add up to 50 websites. Absolutely essential for every webmaster in my opinion.

Link Vana

Building links from authority sites is a recognized way to dominate the search engines, and you can do just that with LinkVana. They have a large network of blogs across hundreds of IP’s. Each blog has a PR of 2-5 and you are allowed to post unlimited content to this network.

Each article must be 150+ words long and it can include one link, so although you are going to need a lot of content requirements, it can be outsourced and is far more effective than article submissions. Using LinkVana is a proven way to get much higher rankings but the asking price of $147 a month is off-putting for many people. 1WayLinks from Jonathan Leger is a cheaper alternative, but not always as effective.

Brute Force SEO

Despite the name, this software works really well to create an entire interlinked network of web 2.0 sites and builds link wheels, does the submissions and gets you hundreds of inbound links with a few clicks of a button. Infact it can potentially replace any virtual assistant you might have.

The tool is on the border of gray hat and black hat because I’m sure Google wouldn’t appreciate people using it to manipulate the rankings! The software currently costs $157 and is perfect for adding another dimension to your link building work.

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