25 Ways To Say I Love My Wife

After couples get married and years go by, men tend to think that saying “I love my wife” becomes a cliché and that spouses who know their husbands all too well do not really need to hear that. Gentlemen, you couldn’t be more wrong! More than anything, women need reassurance and, when routine settles in a marriage, saying those magic words can work wonders. However, if you just cannot bring yourself to let those words out, there are many other ways in which you can say “I love my wife”.

1. Be Helpful!

When your wife comes home after a hectic day at the job and still has a lot to do around the house, make sure to give her a hand with the chores or the kids, instead of sitting on the sofa watching TV while she struggles on her own. There is nothing she will appreciate more than to see that you have noticed she is tired and you offer your help without her asking for it.

2. Be Attentive!

Look at your wife and compliment her every once in a while. It will show she still has your attention after all those years.

3. Be Patient!

Do not lose your temper if she forgets things or if she spends too much time in front of the mirror. Count to ten before saying something that you will regret.

4. Be Generous!

Do not wait for a special occasion to give your wife a gift and do not be stingy when buying it. She will feel cherished and loved.

5. Speak to Your Spouse!

If something bothers you at work or at home, tell your wife about it. Do not bottle it up, as she will notice anyway you and it will hurt her that you do not trust her enough to speak to her. On the other hand, good communication will strengthen your relationship.

6. Talk Big About Your Wife!

There is no other way to better say “I love my wife” than bragging about her qualities, especially in front of her friends. As a rule, never speak ill of your life partner around other people. Keep in mind that she is your other half, so what you say about her you say about yourself!

7. Remember Your Anniversary!

Whatever you do, do not forget your marriage anniversary. Have a reminder of it somewhere and celebrate it.

8. Give Her Some Alone Time!

Get the kids out of the house and let your wife enjoy some time alone with herself. She will appreciate it more than she would appreciate an expensive jewel.

9. Befriend Her Friends!

Do not make your wife feel bad when she invites friends over. Make an effort to get along with her friends. She has known them longer than you have.

10. Spend Quality Time Together!

A date at a restaurant, a walk in the park, a night on the couch watching movies – they are all good choices when it comes to making your wife feel that you cherish your relationship.

11. Put Her Needs Before Yours!

When it comes to intimacy, you need to remember that your bedroom is no place for selfishness and that her needs and pleasure are as important as yours.

12. Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene!

Just because you got married, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget your good habits and meticulousness when it comes to your personal hygiene. Make yourself look good for your wife.

13. Choose Your Wife over Your Buddies

When the time comes to choose between spending time with your wife and going out with your buddies, always pick her. It will be like shouting to your friends “I love my wife more than I like hanging out with you!”.

14. Leave the Toilet Seat Down!

Remember how many times she has asked you to do that and actually do it every now and then.

15. Put Your Washing in the Hamper!

Show your wife you do not consider her your maid and throw your dirty clothes where you are supposed to instead of leaving them everywhere in the house.

16. Do the Dishes!

Just because she cooked, it doesn’t mean she has to do the dishes too. Show some consideration and wash your plate every once in a while.

17. Cook a Meal!

Surprise you wife with a meal that you have prepared. She will feel that you appreciate her efforts of providing for the family.

18. Bring Her Flowers!

Sometimes, a nice bunch of flowers says “I love you” better than words.

19. Write to Her!

Whether it is a card, an e-mail or an SMS, it is always nice to see “I love you” written down.

20. Take Care Of Her when She Is Sick!

When your wife is sick, be her medicine! Bring her tea in bed and maybe give her a good massage.

21. Show Interest in Her Activities!

Make her feel important and really listen to her when she speaks about what she is doing. Offer advice and support.

22. Go Shopping with Her!

All women know that men hate going shopping, which is why accompanying her will prove you care a lot for her.

23. Provide for Her!

If your wife does not work, make sure she has money to spend for herself.

24. Allow Her to Teach You!

If your wife knows some things better than you, let her teach you without arguing.

25. Say “I’m Sorry”!

When you are wrong do not persist in your mistakes. Saying “I’m sorry” at the right time equals saying “I love my wife” ten times a day.

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