Romantic Memoir

Hips pumping, lowering myself up and down on my husband’s erect shaft, I smile at his clenched jaw and tightened fists. “I’m going to make you cum,” I tell him as I continue. True to my word, a groan escapes his clamped lips, and his hands grip my butt. He gives one, two, three thrusts into me before collapsing in exhaustion. I give him a coy grin as I dismount and whisper, “My turn.” Retrieving my vibrator and slipping it on my finger, it hums to life and slips inside me. My toes curl in satisfaction and I push farther. Hitting my clitoris, a wave crashes over me, but I don’t withdraw my fingers. The vibrations continue to rock it, forcing me to dig my heels in as I prepare for the inevitable finish. It doesn’t make me wait long, seizing my body as I’m overcome. My head is filled with light despite my clenched eyelids, and soon I collapse beside my still-weary companion.

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