Romantic Memoir

My husband is weak from fatigue after I’ve finished my work, but that doesn’t stop me. I want to share in that post-orgasm bliss myself. My hands respond immediately, fondling my breasts and caressing them. I can’t help but lick my lips as the sensation builds, and my fingers teasingly travel lower on my abdomen. They draw to a halt just above my crevice, and I take a deep breath before plunging into its depths. I explore the warm passageways, always coming back for a circle around my clitoris before taking another lap. The heat is incredible, dousing my every extremity in the warmth of my excitement. My energy mounts as I make more direct contact, and I rush to take advantage of it. Fingers slipping, breath panting, muscles tensing, my mind goes blank as my back arches involuntarily. My hips give instinctual thrusts as the blood rushes to my head, and I finally end in my own state of sensual paradise.

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