Romantic Memoir

My husband’s body stiffens, telling me that he’s almost ready to go. My lips slide over his dick and my hand trails them, urgently rubbing the throbbing erection. “Oh…I’m coming! I’m coming!” he shouts, and he gives a little thrust as my mouth receives his warm love. Climaxing has left him in a fog, which is exactly what I wanted. Now he can do nothing but sit back and watch as I take care of myself in a similar way. I prop myself up on some pillows and let my hand fall to my pussy, immediately caressing the wet folds. My fingers slide over my clitoris, and electricity instantly shoots up my spine. The tingling lingers as I continue, faster, harder, and a moan escapes my lips. His eyes watch me in fascination, although he has yet to move. I stare into his gaze as the intensity builds, my hand almost working independently from my mind, which is quickly leaving reality. The only thought I can muster now is, “There! It’s there!” and I push myself forward, plummeting over the cliff and feeling the ground drop from under me as I freefall in my orgasm.

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