5 Easy Ways For Parents To Spice Up Their Intimacy

Are you married? If you are, are you also a parent? If you are married and a parent, how is your sex life? Depending on the age of your children and the size of your family, it might not be great. Many parents wish that they had a better level of intimacy with their partner and on more occasions. If you are one of those individuals, there are a number of steps that you will want to take. Continue reading “5 Easy Ways For Parents To Spice Up Their Intimacy”

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A Romantic Poem For Married Couples

Romantic Sex For Romantic Couples
(It’s not how you begin, it’s how you end)
Eddie Graham

When it comes to sex,
don’t be vexed by an ex.
Don’t be vexed by some flexing
You’ll find no success!
Sex is more fun
with a partner who’s one
whether under the sun…
or in just three seconds done.

Romance is what makes sex the best!
It’s the bestest best sex that there is!
So don’t ever believe
that the other grass is green
because believe me
it’s likely in need of a vast sprinkling.
A little candlelight and a rose that is red
makes time go by slowly when you’re both in your bed!

So how do sex and romance mix?
And how do you keep it from being deep sixed?
Anything that’s good is going to take work
and it can always go bad if your responsibilities you shirk.
If it’s not worth it to you
to put in some work too
you’ll find that you’ll just end up lonely and blue.

A lot has been said
about what happens in bed
and whether it is good for your head.
You’ll find it is better
in both good and bad weather
to give more than you’ve gotten instead!

Romance doesn’t have to be
a dozen roses
a thousand lyrical transposes
or making sure the toilet door closes.
Suppose romance could be
a specialer moment than other moments, you see
that happen when you make them
matter more than the show on TV?

Romance needs to contain
a giant, enormous, gigantic huge flame
and once you get that, romance will never be the same.
The only way to bring the heat
for the best sex between the sheets
is for you to meet your partner’s needs.

Do it first!
Do it before you read another verse!
Do it before your sex life gets cursed!
In the end what matters is the tick tocks you spend
and not pretend
that your world is going to end.

Sex you will not get
if you constantly forget
that there’s two of you at your dinette.
Of course you could just have sex with yourself
because that is a guarantee
But sharing is caring when it comes to romance
and besides… it’s more fun when me becomes we.

A lot can be said
about what happens in bed
and sometimes that can make couples see in bright red
just remember this tip
to use more than just the tip
and you’ll rock the ocean with your well equipped ship.
It’s a lot of work, you say?
It’s a lot of work to bring romance your way?

Sex doesn’t just happen on its own
even if you’re just having sex all alone.
Would you rather vibrate?
or to a bottle of lotion relate?
Or with another get freaky in a most freaky state?
You’ve got to be proactive.
You’ve got to light a votive
[that’s a candle].
And give your partner a motive
to want to give you something massive.
You know, like an orgasm.

Orgasms are great, but multiples are better
So if you want lots of fun, follow these rules to the letter
and be prepared for a night full of sex
where you can perform bester than your bestest best.

The first rule, you see,
is to stay in control as much as can be
this way you can keep going longer
and build up an orgasm that’s stronger than stronger.
That’s why you’ve got to focus on foreplay
to get the point of no return away
Why finish fast
when you can finish last
and be told that you’re a good lay?

Unless a baby you’re making
be sure precautions you’re taking
otherwise you’ll be getting a lack of sleep
not from sex, but the hours you keep
You know, taking care of that new baby.
Unless maybe you want that…

Romance isn’t always watching some shows
rolling over, going to sleep, or clipping your toes.
Some might say when the sex comes to an end
is where the romance must truly begin.

So make some time when you are through
to cuddle close the rest the of night too
This keeps your romance going
and your love keeps on flowing
thanks to what is done after doing who you do.
Sure you could turn on the TV
or do whatever you please
but eventually all that will do
is leave your partner blue
and you unhappy as can be.

Why? Romance is not about meeting your needs.
Romance is about meeting what your partner is seeking.
And finally don’t expect sex
just because your romance is best
and your game is better than all the rest.
Sometimes you establish a foundation
of good relations
of which there is just no imitation.

Would you rather have sex with someone you know?
Someone that wants to help you really go?
Or do you not really have any sex at all
and be waiting by a phone for a stranger to call?
It’s never to late to start a great romance
and it’s never to late to get a second chance.
What matters the most
is that you don’t coast
and you work hard for the horizontal dance.

So do your best today
to find a way
to make your romantic attempts play.
The more that you try
the more orgasms will fly
and your romance will never, ever die

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