Strength vs Endurance – Which Is Better?

Ok taking a break from the nutrition and supplements to give you some free advice on your workouts.

I am not sure if you’ve noticed how the exercise prescription keeps evolving but it kinda parallels the drug recommendations e.g. more and more and more!

The current recommendation is for 50 minutes 5 X a week which effectively puts it out of the range of most of the population! Not to say that this recommendation is not to be followed if possible, but I can tell you that unless you are retired its not going to be easy for you to do this. Continue reading “Strength vs Endurance – Which Is Better?”

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Tips For People Who Hate To Exercise

If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t consider exercising your favorite pastime. In fact, some people downright hate exercising. However, exercising is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and without it you definitely will not be able to lose weight. There are certain tips, however, for learning to love exercising, even if you truly hate it. Continue reading “Tips For People Who Hate To Exercise”

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Masturbation And Prostate Health For Husbands

Five times per week, each and every week. That’s how often men have been told to masturbate if they’d like to keep their “junk” as healthy as possible. However, some researchers suggest that multiple wanking sessions performed on a regular basis could actually be detrimental to penis health in some men, particularly if they perform the act in such a way that urgent penis care is required in order to heal the damage left behind. Continue reading “Masturbation And Prostate Health For Husbands”

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